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funny SMS in English for a girlfriend

funny SMS in English for a girlfriend

funny SMS in English for a girlfriend

(funny SMS in English for girlfriend)

  • life is a constant race of waiting for the holiday


  • Doing nothing is the very hard thing to do…who never know when to the final down


  • all have that fat person that eats more than one skinny friend


  • I’m not happy as long as I’m not hungry.


  • we look like an after picture


  • next generation’s  poem chatting chatting
    yes mummy
    girlfriend setting
    no mummy
    telling lies
    no mummy
    open your facebook
    hahaha, Funny Shayari


  • Women in Hell asked mmita : Can I make a video call to my husband?
    After making the call he asked How much pay…
    shivam: Nothing, hell to hell is free


  • sir: Can u See God
    student: No
    sir: can u touch God
    student: No
    sir: Then isn’t a GOD
funny SMS in English for a girlfriend
funny SMS in English for a girlfriend
  • After tea with Salman
    avengers are planning:-
    » Tea with Rahul
    » Horlicks with Modi &
    » Cough syrup with Arvind.

  • After 0ur Last fight,
    I Told My boyfriend,
    “I Hope Your Next girlfriend messages
    Appreciates The Improvements
    I’ve Made In You

  • madam: What do u want to be after college life?
    shan:  sit I want to follow in my father’s businessman and be a rich man.
    madam: I didn’t know your father was a businessman.
    shan: He isn’t. He’s a burglar!



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